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Can you play the sims 2 for the mac on a PC - There are no names for the songs you play on the piano for Sims 2 PC. There are 3 different genres of music you can choose from for the piano: Classical, Rock, and Jazz. Solved: can i play sims 4 on my mac??? - Answer HQ My Mac is a MacOS Sierra. Version 10.12.5. Macbook pro 13-inch, mid 2012. Can I play sims 4 on my computer? because when I played sims 3, the game crashed all the time, even though the game's platform are PC and Mac Can I play Sims on my MacBook Air? : thesims -

The real question is not whether a high-end Mac can play this game. We know it will. Haters may claim Macs can’t run games, but if you have a recent high-end Mac with a dedicated graphics card with 2GB of Video RAM (or more), you can safely play ANY game that exists on MacOS.

Can you play the Sims 2 on a Mac? | Yahoo Answers I know you can now play the Sims 3 but can you still play all the Sims 2 and expansions on a new iMac? Can you play Sims 2 on a Mac? | Yahoo Questions/Réponses I need to know if I can play my Sims 2 for PC on a mac Can you play Sims 3 on MacBook Pros?? - Apple Community

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From here, you can select to download and install any add-on content you wish to play with on the Mac version of The Sims 4. How to make sure purchasing add-on content from Mac shows up in the PC version of The Sims 4. Log into the Origin client using the same account that you use to play The Sims 4 on Mac. An account is required to play The ... How To Play The Sims 4 On A Mac | Sonny Daniel - YouTube If you want more videos of #TheSims, #Vlogs, #Fortnite, #Reviews, Make sure you Subscribe! #SonnyDaniel Be sure to click the "" next to the SUBSCRIBE button, to join the Notification Gang ... The Sims 4 Mac Review: Can you run it? | Mac Gamer HQ

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With The Sims 4 Mac app, you can create your dream home and watch your virtual avatars evolving. Effortlessly use the all-new room-based Build Mode to choosePlay with Life: Download The Sims 4 for Mac to shape every aspect of your Sims lives from birth to being a toddler, and into the adulthood. How to play The Sims FreePlay on a PC or Mac | The Traveler… You can play Android and iOS games such as The Sims Free Play on your desktop and laptop computers, whether Mac or PC for free. This is possible with an Android app player or emulator, and although there are many out there, currently the best one and free is Bluestacks. Mod The Sims - Playing Sims 2 on a Mac: How do you play?

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Reset Origin on your Mac. If it happens after you’ve installed a new expansion pack, try uninstalling it. System requirements for an expansion pack are often higher than the ones for The Sims 3 itself, so sometimes a Mac that will run the base game has trouble running some of the later expansion packs.

Downloaded Sims 4 off Origin to play on my MacBook Air that is 6 months old. I'm finding it really difficult to play with a trackpad and thought "I will have to get a mouse!" After Googling it I got a video of a guy using the Bluetooth on a Mac to connect a PS3 controller. Would this work for playing Sims 4? EA's 'The Sims 4' Now Available for Mac - MacRumors