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Sep 07, 2012 · Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA You should be able to turn it over to Security in a DoFF assignment. Security officers are on every base. The Klingons can do the same at there base and you get a nice dilithium reward for doing it. [STO] Star Trek Online: Mirror of No More Spiders - Page 5 [STO] Star Trek Online: Mirror of No More Spiders Giving people a taste of other ships might even increase their sales. ... Plus VR Techs doffs are free from a Crit on the support assignment unlocked from the B'tran colony chain. Conn: Tac team reducing officers. Slot 2 VR and you can run one Tac Team and keep it up constantly. Star Trek Online / YMMV - TV Tropes Acceptable Political Targets: In the mission Mirrors and Smoke, some players see Pentaaro is a thinly veiled parody of Donald Trump.He even utters a line one term removed from one of Trump's own MAGA variants note by saying he wants to make New Kentar safe once more.The fact that his opposite number is a calm, reasonable female politician who's just a little too shiny and good, and a Star Trek Online Duty Officers General Guide | GuideScroll

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Doff Powers Guide | Forum I'm just now getting around to slotting doffs for active duty. I've pretty much neglected the system due to lack of time. I have some basic ones slottedI can't find anything other than the STO Wiki page which you have mentioned. What sort of abilities are you looking to improve with duty officers? Captain's Log: New-user tips on Star Trek Online's duty officer… Assignments can be found by opening the DOff UI in almost any public area or in sector space.Special assignments that grant unique or more desirable rewards can also be found on the player's bridge interior, inThere are five active ground slots and five active space slots; once an officer is... dnd 5e - Is it possible to increase the number of spell … In the Basic Rules for D&D 5e, the number of spells a wizard can prepare is somewhat determined by your ability score, but it seems that the number of spell slots is constant...

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STO – Page 2 – nawkcire Apr 14, 2013 · No, I didn’t buy it but I do have the energy credits to get her. But to use all of the credits I saved, I need to buy the Energy Cap Increase. So I bought it for 500 Zen. So I’m down the 500 Zen I need for ship slots to get my Excelsior class for it’s Transwarp Computer. So I bought the ship slots, which one is being considered for my Tuffli. SHIPYARD 25 – Shipbuilding and tidbits in Star Trek Online… The Archon is Star Trek Online’s successor to the Sovereign-class lineage. Designed and built by Ian “JamJamz” Richards of Cryptic Studios, the ship has a bit of a cult following in some of the game’s community circles, but she’s not without controversy owing … Star Trek Online - Spacebattles Fleet #2 | Page 17 Dec 11, 2011 · Star Trek Online - Spacebattles Fleet #2. Discussion in 'Games & Gaming' started by Exposure the game math would fuck up- and each time it would increase the rate at which your shields regenerate- until you have shields that are impossible for anyone to drop. ... the Klingon Empire of STO is the game's Playable Villain Faction, and as such ... reddit-top-2.5-million/sto.csv at master · umbrae/reddit

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the point of this thread being "Can you delete extra DOFF slots?" is the point, I see no problem in deleting doffs as they can be easily replaced in game for free but its actually deleting the empty slots I cant see the point of. Add another tab to inventory or Bank — perfectworld ... Add another tab to inventory or Bank. ... January 2018 in Star Trek Online General Discussion. ... which my KDF toons can then turn in via doff assignment. ... UltimateDoomer1's Guide for STO - Steam Community

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You can not assign DOFFs that are on assignment to a space or ground slot. So after you've collected the rewards from completed assignments (and everyone if free), check you roster. So after you've collected the rewards from completed assignments (and everyone if free), check you roster. Space doffs -

Star trek online assignment slots. These are big because they allow you to hopefully upgrade your DOffs into high ranks meaning more crits in the long run. American science fiction television series Star Trek, and the penultimate episode of the first season.