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Glossary of poker terms - Wikipedia under the gun The playing position to the direct left of the blinds in Texas hold 'em or Omaha hold 'em. The player who is under the gun must act first on the first round of betting. underdog An underdog or dog is a player with a smaller chance to win than another specified player. Frequently used when the exact odds are expressed. underfull Under the Gun in Poker | Play Poker Online | Poker Deal The term “under the gun” originated from under great pressure. In poker online, the player who is under the gun faces greater pressure than the players at other positions, all things being the same, as he has the least amount of time to make his choice, as he acts first pre-flop, and has a harder choice to make since he does not know what ... Under the Gun - Learn Poker Rules and How to Play the Game

When playing online poker, it is important for players to know how their position at the table effects how they should play if they ... Under the Gun – Early Position.

Poker Terms & Definitions - Poker Glossary of Terms Poker terms and phrases used at the poker table, including poker glossary definitions explained in detail to improve your understanding of the game. Poker - Article - "Under The Gun" | Final table, a super satellite no-limit hold'em event and you find yourself: "Under the Gun" - by Al Spath (published in the early 90's Poker Digest) Constantly pistol-whipped and brow beaten by an onslaught of competitors for playing so many marginal hands sitting "Under the Gun," it was time to refocus on my playing strategy and examine my game for easily detected flaws. Under the Gun 31 - Wizard of Odds

***** Hand History for Game 94415686499 ***** (Poker Stars) Tourney Hand NL Texas Hold'em - Thursday, February 21, 02:08:26 ET 2013 Table 690258743 47 (Real ...

Poker Terms | HowStuffWorks Under the Gun: The first person who must act on the first round of betting. Wired Pair: When your hole cards contain a pair. You may not have all the slang down for your first game, but with the help of these terms, you should have an easier time entering the world What does under the gun mean (poker)? | Yahoo Answers Under the gun- UTG means you're first to act preflop. It's the worst place to be at the table, because you've not had a chance to see any other action on the table. Straddle- A straddle bet is a raise in a cash game before there are any cards on the

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Which is more profitable raising under the gun or on the button ... It seems like more people fold pre flop with a under the gun raise with big hands like aa ak kk qq ... Which is the Most Profitable Poker Format?

... need to be able to talk the talk. Our comprehensive list of poker terminology will help you get your lingo on! ... (2) To bet or raise. (3) Used to describe a game in which there is a lot of betting and raising. ..... Under the Gun Player sitting in the ...

Want to improve your poker strategy? Paul Phua gives his ... If I get pocket Jacks vs. an UTG (under the gun – meaning first to act) raise, I would usually just call. The Ultimate Guide to Poker Bet Sizing Strategy - Conscious Poker Learn how to master poker bet sizing strategy, game theory, and explotative ... In a $2/$5 NL cash game, you (Hero) raise under the gun (UTG) to $20 with JsTs.

Poker Terms & Definitions - Poker Glossary of Terms - PokerStars Action. (1) Opportunity to act. If a player appears not to realize it's their turn, the dealer will say "Your action." (2) Bets and raises. "If a third heart hits the board ... What is under the gun? | Betting @ Betfair